About us

EXNOVO was founded in 2009. Our name comes from the Latin ex novo, which means anew, from the beginning. This seemed exactly what we wanted to be doing. We dedicated ourselves to restarting processes, re-creating companies and rearranging financial resources.

At the outset, our main objective was to advise Spanish companies and real estate investment fund managers in the process of internationalisation. Since then, we have gained broad experience in debt restructuring, asset sales, business reorganisation, viability plans and, ultimately, property crisis management.

From 2012, foreign investors have become interested in the Spanish real estate market, so we returned to advising said investors. In 2013, due to a surge in hotel investment mainly in Barcelona and the Balearic Islands, we started expanding our services to the hospitality sector, therefore enlisting Albert Labastida to join the team. This is when the current EXNOVO Performing Value ® was founded.

Now, we provide national and international clients with three types of services: property asset management, hospitality consultancy and real estate legal advice.

Our experience, technical knowledge and professionalism place us at the forefront of the best real estate and hospitality companies in Barcelona.

EXNOVO has been accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the most prestigious international institution which establishes standards in the real estate and construction sectors.