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In this article, we would like to raise awareness about the importance of hiring people with disabilities. We strongly believe that all people should have equal chances to work and we implement this view in our company.

As a small consultancy which counts 14 people, and Quim-our four-legged, assistant formed by real estate lawyers, architects as well as experts in the hospitality and gastronomy sector, we really wanted to contribute to the integration of people with disabilities into society especially in the job sector. This is how we started our cooperation with Mansol Proyectos, SL .

It is a company created as a Centro Especial de Trabajo-CET formed by industrial engineers, technical architects, agronomists and operators specialized in different fields.

They offer a wide range of services including industrial, certified destruction of documents (either in paper or digital formats), general maintenance services such as cleaning, painting, gardening or minor works as well as agro-social projects which consist of the production and commercialization of ecological vegetables, handmade products and jams and pates (ideal for gift baskets for many occasions) You can read more about this project on the following

Also, since 1999 CET operates in Badalona offering complex industrial services for companies from different sectors, including the automotive industry which works both nationally and internationally.

The idea of hiring people with disabilities was born out of frustration resulting from the inability of people with disabilities to find employment especially in Spain where the job market is very competitive. The situation is very concerning as the unemployment rent of people with disabilities amounts to 90%. The rate which we should be ashamed of. One of our colleagues, Aldo Ibáñez raised this problem in an interview of the public broadcaster “Catalunya Ràdio” on May 16, 2019, which you can access clicking here

The are many false assumptions that hiring people with either mental or physical disabilities will jeopardize your business or will expose you to financial loss. Some people are afraid that the performance of people with disabilities is less efficient, requires constant monitoring or is simply less productive. However, don’t forget that there are many types of disabilities and it is important to evaluate if someone’s limitation will affect their work.

Adapting this view to your company will definitely require a lot of effort, will and foresight. Unfortunately, the person or the company who decides to take this step can’t always count on support from the public administration. We should express it very clearly. We could see it recently in the Congress of Deputies at the seat of the Cortes. 41 years after approving the Constitution (Article 41: “The public authorities shall carry out a policy of preventive care, treatment, rehabilitation and integration of the physically, sensorially and mentally handicapped by giving them the specialized care they require and affording them special protection for the enjoyment of the rights granted by this Part to all citizens.”) one of the deputies in a wheelchair couldn’t find a place in the hemicycle and had to sit with the public. No one thought about adopting a seat for him. It only proves that you can’t expect much from the legislator in terms of hiring disabled people if they don’t respect the rights of their own members.

Having that in mind you can´t forget that there are many advantages of hiring people with disabilities which we can share with you on the basis of our own experience.

Accepting someone’s limitations will help you face your own constraints.

First of all, we believe that people with all kinds of disabilities can perform as well as any other employees. In fact, we all have some kind of limitations either physical or mental. The thing is to find the right area where these limitations won’t be perceived as obstacles. Also, we believe that working with people with disabilities can increase tolerance in the workplace. Facing and accepting someone’s limitation can help us to be more accepting of our own constraints.

People with disabilities are more reliable and stay in jobs longer

It has been proven that people with disabilities are very often more reliable and steadier especially in the retail and hospitality sector. They seem less likely to change jobs, so if you invest some time and money in training you can be sure that your efforts will pay off. From our experience, we can say that the disabled people we cooperate with are very hard-working and always try to give their best.

You still can help even if you don´t run a big company

Even if your company isn’t recruiting new employees, you can still hire people with disabilities to all kinds of external services which doesn’t necessarily mean maintenance work.

So, if you have a pile of confidential documents to destroy or if you want to get meaningful gifts for your employees, send an original postcard or if you simply need a handyman, think of contacting one of the following companies:





Look at your business from another perspective

Having disabled employees on board may help you understand their needs and expand your services or products. You will have another pair of eyes who could look at your business from a different perspective and tell you which area needs to be improved. Not only will you have a variety of people in the workplace but also your business will have a chance to grow.

Go beyond your own mental limitations

We hope that by publishing this article we have broadened your views on hiring people with disabilities and broken down your thought barriers.

We strongly encourage you to look at each candidate individually, taking into account their abilities and talents not look at them through the prism of their disabilities or your prejudices.

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