Why having dogs in the workplace may be beneficial

Our experience of working with Quim

Many kinds of research have been conducted to prove a beneficial influence of having pets in the office especially dogs. It is said that the presence of dogs in the workplace reduces stress, improves employee’s productivity and communication. Is it really true? In this post, we will share our experience of working with Quim, a young Jack Russel and the friendliest member of EXNOVO Performing Value®.

Quim´s certificate confirming his abilities of a dog in the workplace

It may seem that having a dog in the office means more hassle as you need to walk it at least 3 times a day and constantly keep it off the couch or any delicate piece of furniture. None of these things! Of course, a lot depends on the type of dog you have and how you train it. Quim’s had professional training provided by Comparteam-dogs specialists and real training experts. He is also used to being around children and adults and everyone loves him. It´s probably because of his personal charm.

However, each dog is different so before you consider taking your dog to the office, assess its individual needs and social skills, otherwise, their psychological well-being may be affected and, believe me, dogs can experience anxiety too.

Quims presence in the office has never been a problem for us. We noticed that whenever he’s around, we are less stressed, more empathetic and, surprisingly, more creative!

Dogs are the best stress-relievers

It’s been scientifically proven that dogs are the best stress-relievers. According to the research published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management in 2012 co-workers felt less stressed in places where they could bring their dogs, not only because they didn’t feel guilty about leaving their pets at home, but they also experienced a reduced level of stress hormone. It’s not a coincidence that pet therapy has been so helpful in dealing with hyperactive children and very effective in treating all kind of mental disorders. Pets not only reduce blood pressure but are also good reminders to take breaks from staring at the screen and walk off the stress. If you have a tendency to workaholism you should definitely think of getting a pet. Walking the dog may be very beneficial for you too. It will clear your mind and help you get inspired!

The presence of dogs in the workplace improves creativity

Sometimes, it’s hard to be creative when you work 8 hours a day, feel stressed and overwhelmed by the number of tasks and deadlines coming up. In such moments, dogs can be a helpful distraction. If you feel that you need a break, get out to play with your dog. Relax, physical exercise and having fun will improve your spontaneity and creativity. This strategy has been very useful for us and whenever we struggle to find a solution or lack of ideas, we take Quim out for a run.

Do you struggle to integrate your team?

If you see that the relationship between your employees is tense, bring your dog to the workplace. It may be a helpful ice breaker. Dogs are friendly and sociable by nature and they may help your team members interact, exchange experiences and strengthen their relationship. Having fun together while walking or playing with the dog will be a good and natural way to enhance communication and socialize with your team. It definitely works in our case! Our little assistant encourages us to spend more time together. We also feel more united as we need to plan ahead who will stay and walk Quim while his owner is having a business meeting. We act as a team, feel responsible and try to entertain him if he misses his owner.

Quim’s presence wakes positive emotions in us and boosts our energy level. He makes that we are more empathetic, communicate more effectively and feel like a real team!

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