Professionalism, creativity and precision is in our DNA

Our broad experience, technical knowledge and professionalism place us at the forefront of the most prestigious real estate and hospitality consulting companies in Barcelona.

About Us


Our team consists of experts in real estate and corporate law as well as the hospitality sector. For over 10 years EXNOVO Performing Value® has been working to augment the prestige and earn the satisfaction of our clients by constantly broadening our knowledge while facing and conquering new challenges in our three main areas of expertise:

As legal experts, we advise in property acquisition, lease and sale as well as help overcome cultural and language barriers realizing our cross-cultural projects in various stages.

Responding to market needs, EXNOVO offers not only creative ideas and practical solutions, but also an analytical approach in the following areas.

Using our imagination, analytical skills and creativity, we strive to reconcile legal practice with business vision in real estate and company law, both of which are our areas of expertise.

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