About us

EXNOVO was founded in 2009. Our name comes from the Latin ex novo, which means anew, from the beginning. This seemed exactly what we wanted to be doing. We dedicated ourselves to restarting processes, re-creating companies and rearranging financial resources.

It’s been 10 years since we started taking the first steps, a few of us, having only a few clients. Over the years, we have gathered experiences, friends, lessons, failures and successes. We had illusions and perseverance… And a clear idea. We always believed that we could offer an integrated service related to real estate, but not only limited to that. We wanted to create a company in which all team members could sit at one table and have an equally important voice. Where each of us could express our opinion and advise clients on the best way of expanding their business, predict a possible legal risk or develop and implement their ideas. We have achieved it.

We have always sought a service which would be useful for the maximum number of people, of course, versatile and adapted to the best international standards. That is why more than half of our clients are foreigners, and many of our projects are carried out abroad, from the EU (including Poland which we have always had a special feeling for and where we have worked continuously from the beginning) to Latin America and even Asia. EXNOVO provides professional services. And that is not sold, but bought. We hope that the next decade will be equally exciting and full of interesting and challenging projects.
Thank you for the trust and confidence in us.

We are pround to offer three types of services which we specialize in: property asset management, hospitality consultancy and real estate legal advice:

Our experience, technical knowledge and professionalism place us at the forefront of the best real estate and hospitality companies in Barcelona.

EXNOVO has been accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the most prestigious international institution which establishes standards in the real estate and construction sectors..