EXNOVO Performing Value has been re-accredited by RICS

EXNOVO PV is proud to be accredited by RICS- The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
What does this accreditation mean for us and for our clients?

RICS is an international accreditation granted to the companies which practices as well as work ethic meet globally established standards and confirm the highest professional competences in the real estate sector.

This year, EXNOVO has renewed its status as a regulated company formed by experienced, multidisciplinary members who graduated the most renown universities and have all the human and material resources necessary to perform their duties in a reliable, transparent and honest way. For our clients, it’s a guarantee of quality and for us, it’s a form of recognition of our merits and another reason to be proud of our achievements and collaborative teamwork.

Our objective is to continue providing professional services in the real estate and hospitality sector implementing diversified business visions of our clients. We have been extremely excited to participate in so many challenging projects some of which you can read about on our website. It’s been a pleasure and great honor to us.

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