CASAS LAUTES-Real estate development agency in Barcelona

EXNOVO fully identifies with Casas Lautes and we are proud to be part of this creative microcosm. Your Manifesto is the best expression of what you do:

“Casas Lautes is a boutique housing developer based in Barcelona.

Historically, architecture and design have excelled in Barcelona, ​​after all, this is the city of Gaudí and our mission is to celebrate this tradition by creating homes with extraordinary designs, using new materials and technologies, and that are at the forefront of modernist design.

The close relationship with customers who value our vision is an integral part of the trip. But our philosophy is also shared by our teams of consultants, contractors and craftsmen. The ultimate goal is to offer something unique within the Spanish real estate landscape, to experiment with new languages ​​and locations and to create spaces that bring excellence to the lifestyle of one of the most attractive cities in Europe “

We found EXNOVO LAW- an expert in real estate development. They offer a broad vision of the process, technical knowledge and practical solutions. We have personally experiences their rapid reaction capacity in critical issues such as attempts to occupy properties. EXNOVO LAW is an effective and decisive partner.

Brendhan Stowe

CEO Casas Lautes

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