No more mysteries in the hospitality sector

Hotel Audit-Mystery Guest: SkilledGuest performed by EXNOVO

Go the extra mile in the Hospitality Audit with SkilledGuest®

EXNOVO steps ahead of clients’ expectations offering enriched services of the Mystery Guest in the hospitality and gastronomy sector. Our idea is to offer personalized audits, performed only by professionals whose many years’ experience and the knowledge of the sector is a key to improve the quality of the services, the efficiency of staff work and the aesthetics of the place.

A growing number of clients interested in having their tourist establishments evaluated by experts from the hospitality sector inspired us to revolutionize the existing service of the mystery guest. This is how SkilledGuest® was created. Our mission is simple:

we want to investigate every corner of the evaluated place and reveal all mysteries on how to improve its services or products.

We strongly believe that a complete and objective evaluation can only be provided by experts who, in a more insightful way, can investigate all areas of the tourist establishments and help their clients to:

  • evaluate guests´ satisfaction and the quality of services;
  • analyze the functionality, technical conditions and the aesthetics of the hotel establishment;
  • assess the efficiency of the booking process, professionalism and commitment of employees and housekeeping;
  •  improve the image of a hotel or restaurant facility (also on portals such as TripAdvisor, Google or Facebook);
  • evaluate the cleanliness, the quality of food and the level of hotel standards.

How do we work?

For every project, EXNOVO Hospitality team selects the most suitable SkilledGuest® whose profile, experience and the knowledge of the sector match up with the type of establishment and the clients’ requirements. Having a clear idea on what our clients request, we then visit a given hotel or a restaurant and collect materials, make videos, take photos and prepare a detailed questionnaire to help our clients understand how their establishment is perceived and which areas require improvements. Together with our team formed by qualified hoteliers, marketing managers, sommeliers, chefs and business advisors we prepare a final report where we include our suggestions, remarks and recommendations and an action plan. All this to improve the guests’ experience and increase the profit of the establishment.

Below, you can read more about our projects clicking on the following where you will find a list of hotels which contracted our services as well as positive opinions of our clients.

Are you thinking how to improve the guest satisfaction or increase the revenue of your hotel?

By hiring our SkilledGuest® service, you will find out how to differentiate yourself from the competition, improve the performance of your employees and enhance your brand image.

You too can go the extra mile!


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