The influx of tourists contributes to the development of the hospitality sector. Responding to market needs, EXNOVO offers not only creative ideas and practical solutions but also an analytical approach in the following areas:

Hotel Due Diligence:

Our experts have extensive knowledge of the inner-working of the hospitality sector. We provide hotel due diligence services both for the buyer and the seller in order to estimate potential risk of the future investment, specify a transaction strategy and assess the business potential. We help set key objectives.

Analysis of Currently Operational Hotels:

We advise not only newly established but also already operating hotels. Our services include preparation of operational due diligence, financial review of profits and losses as well as comparative market analyses. We advise on how to increase hotel revenues, improve staff work performance, develop marketing strategies and increase guest satisfaction.

Hotel Project Optimisation and Asset Management:

We help our clients with their hotel and restoration projects until they achieve the desired results. whether it be helping to improve operations, achieving cost savings, increasing revenues, introducing corrective measures, repositioning hotel products or implementing marketing strategies. Collaborating with experts in the field, we advise our clients in creating a concept, branding or marketing a hotel establishment. Whatever we do, we are not afraid to take decisive actions.

Improvement of Internal Procedures:

Taking into account the individual needs of the customer in terms of increasing profits, improving staff work performance or customer satisfaction, we can restructure human resources, review financial statements, adopt new internal procedures or draw up business and marketing plans.

Strategy, Representation and Sales & Marketing Management:

We offer temporary outsourcing of Sales & Marketing Direction. Ideal for new openings, repositioning of the business or transitions of the Sales team. At the request of the client, we guarantee the performance of the Department of Sales and Management (DOSM) duties working side-by-side with the owner of the General Manager to achieve the desired objectives.

Sales & Marketing Representation (Hotels):

After performing a preliminary audit, we set up objectives to integrate the audit results into new marketing strategies in accordance with the hotel owner or manager’s request. We aim to provide specific solutions for any hotel business with the need to make generic or specific Sales Calls.

Sale of Hotel Developments:

We work for both the vending and purchasing parties in the sale of hotel developments by assisting in the creation of the sales prospectus, setting up the data room, devising the marketing process and negotiating the transaction until it has been concluded.

Hotel Crisis Management:

One of our specialties is preventing and solving conflicts or crisis situations in hotel management. We do so by devising corrective action plans and their follow-up, coming up with strategies for the renegotiation of short- and long-term contracts, restructuring financial burden. We also negotiate better conditions with suppliers, protect directors and managers from liability and even by act as interim managers (3 to 12 months).

Reports on the Market Price of Leases on Hotel Establishments:

In collaboration with asset valuation companies or legal experts, we draw up reports for either hotel owners or tenants on market lease prices of hotel establishments for negotiating and renegotiating transactions reaching out-of-court settlements, lodging lawsuits, managing transfer pricing, making internal evaluations or filing financial reports.

Sales & Marketing Services “à la Carte”:

Our personalized services in this area include market research, implementing and developing marketing strategies, branding, preparing monthly financial reviews, revenue management, supervision combined with hotel staff training as well as event management.
 We guarantee a full commitment until our clients have achieved their goals.

Mystery SkilledGuest- Go the Extra Mile!

Are you curious to know how your guest evaluate your hotel or a restaurant? Do you want to know how professionals from the sector perceive the competence of your staff, the quality of the services, the aesthetics of the place or its functionality? The professional of our SkilledGuest database whose profile, experience and the knowledge of the sector matches up with your type of establishment or requirements will answer your questions after performing a complex audit based on precisely defined criteria tailored to the clients need.

School Lunch Audit

At the request of our clients, we perform gastronomy audits in schools. Our purpose is to optimize the use of the kitchen resources, evaluate the quality of kitchen products and meals as well as review legal contracts with external companies. We also analyze the work equipment and the process and time of food elaboration taking into consideration special requirements such as food allergies. Based on the material gathered during the audit, we provide a detailed report with areas for improvement and our recommendations to optimize the lunch service.