Real Estate

The Spanish real estate market attracts not only Spanish but also foreign investors. As legal experts, we advise in property acquisition, lease and sale and help overcome cultural and language barriers. We realize our cross-cultural projects in various stages:

Advice on Real Estate Investment in Spain.

Knowing the needs of foreign investors in Spain, EXNOVO advises their clients in the purchase, rental, management and sale of real estate. We assist in the decision-making process and implement the most suitable strategy to match the client’s objectives.

Development of Real Estate Projects:

The best measurement of a successful real estate project is its progressive development. In order to achieve it, it is necessary for the project to have a structure/plan. For those clients who don’t have a clear vision or those who don’t want to incur the risk, we offer a multidisciplinary, flexible approach with a remuneration system in line with the client’s needs and based on the project’s profit.

Personalised Real Estate Portfolio

EXNOVO believes that it’s their clients who should decide how and where to invest their money. There are many investment vehicles available on the market to multiply capital, from low-risk ones such as certificates of deposit, money market funds or savings bonds, to the ones which involve more risk, such as futures and stock options. Depending on the level of risk which our clients are willing to incur and their financial situation, we advise them how to build the best investment portfolio.

Portfolio Management:

As experts in a very demanding Spanish market, we provide personalised assistance in portfolio management both at an organizational and functional level. Our services, among others, include strategic planning, project prioritizing, asset allocation, risk balancing and progress assessment.

Project Financing, Refinancing, and Purchasing Bank Assets:

Our long-term cooperation with financial institutions in Spain, during both expansion and crisis, helps us offer the best support to our clients in the process of raising funds for the implementation of business projects and the purchase of bank assets.

Investment, Divestment and Disinvestment:

Our approach goes beyond brokerage. EXNOVO’s team not only helps their clients find investment opportunities but also advises them in the process of selling assets, whether it be real estate, a business division or subsidiary.