Using our imagination, analytical skills and creativity, we strive to reconcile legal practice with business vision in real estate and company law, both of which are our areas of expertise. We have broad experience in:

Advising Property Purchasers:

Our services include: preparation of full due diligence reports, objective reviews of technical reports and prior appraisals, verification of preliminary sales agreements (down payments, purchase options, private purchase agreements).In addition, we also conduct negotiation with multidisciplinary law and architecture professionals, advise on real estate taxation systems and set up special purpose vehicles (SPVs). If our clients request so, we assist in notarising documents and registration of title deeds in the land registry.

Advising Property Vendors:

Aside from preparing due diligence reports indicating the investment’s strong and weak points, we also suggest creative ideas for their solution to increase the investment’s attractiveness. We assist our clients during the whole process of selling properties. Both in the negotiation of the title of deeds as well as in the examination of deferred payment proposals and vendor warranties.

Bank Funding for Real Estate:

EXNOVO’s team helps our clients obtain funds for the implementation of investment projects. During the whole process, we assist not only in the preparation of financial forecasts but also in the search for a suitable financing source as well as presentation of projects before representatives of financial institutions. We evaluate and negotiate contract terms, financial issues and the most appropriate types of financial liabilities (mortgages, loans).

Leases of Hotel Establishments:

The character of lease agreements is usually long-term and exclusive for the hotel operator. Depending on the responsibilities and the risk that the owner is willing to incur, our experts can help their clients negotiate the best conditions in case of contract conclusion, renewal or termination.

Housing Associations and Horizontal Property:

With our foreign clients in mind, our services also include legal backing to property owners in housing associations by reviewing any situation out of the ordinary that may occur (grievances, bills, building work and unscheduled charges). Our purpose is to defend the best interest of our clients.

Zoning and Business Licenses:

Every investment project must be carried out in compliance with city planning, zoning regulations and building law. In cooperation with our trusted engineers and architects, we defend our clients’ interests and help them obtain, modify and update all building permits necessary for the construction or renovation of their properties.

Building Contracts:

The construction and renovation of buildings is a very complicated process which involves a number of parties (builders, subcontractors, technicians, engineers, etc.) and must be managed globally. EXNOVO assumes responsibility for the legal side of this entire process.

Architectural Contracts:

Our services aren’t limited to just assisting both our clients and architects in drawing up and signing architectural contracts. Acting on behalf of the property owner, we verify whether the construction work is carried out according to the plan and if they meet the requirements of the building law.

Property Inheritance:

These services are directed predominantly to our foreign clients who own properties within the Spanish territory. We assist them in drawing up their last will and testament. All other legal inheritance and wealth management services for non-residents of Spain require notarial documents, tax returns and title registration in the Land Registry.

Property Damage Claims:

We have abundant experience in examining property damage, quantifying it and determining liability (property developer, vendor, builder, architect or chartered surveyor). In addition, we deal and negotiate with insurance companies and, ultimately, carry out any legal actions required to repair the damage or obtain financial compensation.

Property Litigation:

Our EXNOVO team has all the necessary recourses required to defend the clients’ interests in all matters related to real estate brokerage and management, regulation of legal statuses as well as infringement of property rights. We provide legal advice and represent our clients before the court in Spain.

Legal Services for Companies:

We offer legal assistance to partnerships and companies. Our legal team offers help in creation and representation of companies before administrative bodies as well as preparing all necessary documentation (company statutes, contracts, founding acts, regulations, draft resolutions and protocols). At the request of the client, we provide legal advice in all transactions (sales, division and liquidation of companies, acquisition / sale of shares). If it’s necessary, we may appeal against resolutions adopted during general shareholders’ meetings, conduct negotiations (acts, statutes, regulations) and represent clients in court proceedings.